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Face Mask Statement – Life Church Elders

Face Mask Statement Life Church Elders Response to MN State Order Requiring Face Covering in Church

Having prayerfully reviewed the Governor’s Executive Order 20-81 requiring the use of face coverings for all meetings within our church building, we as an eldership, in accordance with the guidance from Roman 13:1-7, have decided to honor our governing authorities as established by God and seek to comply with this order.

As a people of faith and house of worship we fully believe in the Lord’s protection and healing power and know that ultimately it is Him who is our Psalm 91 refuge in these days. We affirm also that as Jesus’ representatives we are committed to sacrificial love in loving one another as Jesus loved us. Expressing His love in this case means suffering the inconvenience of wearing face masks in providing the necessary protections for not spreading the virus or endangering those who may be vulnerable to COVID-19.

We are trusting in the good graces of our Life Church family and all those choosing to attend our services, weekly meetings, and visitors to our offices to comply. We pray for a spirit of harmony and mutual respect in this, fully realizing there is a diversity of opinion and conviction about it. May the Lord give us grace with one another and the strength to endure this inconvenience as we continue to battle this virus through prayer and employing the required coronavirus precautions.

What Does This Mean?

  1. We will be posting the necessary signage about the face covering requirement at our entrances and also provide free masks for anyone who needs them.

  2. All the previous safety precautions of social distancing and the provision of hand sanitizing stations etc. will continue.

  3. We as an eldership, staff, and church volunteers desire to lead the way by wearing masks.

  4. The Exemptions where face coverings are not required:

    1. Children five years old or under

    2. Those on the stage who are speaking or performing, including those playing musical instruments - provided that social distancing is always maintained.

    3. Individuals who are unable to wear a mask due to a medical condition, disability or developmental reasons, including trouble breathing and hearing impairments

    4. Identification and security purposes

    5. While eating or drinking if social distancing is maintained (face masks are required when not seated and walking through public spaces)

    6. While seated or standing in place during the service as long as social distancing is maintained. (As per the Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce Guidelines)

    7. For OneLife youth activities or games where the level of exertion makes a facemask difficult to wear.

  5. Our Life Kids children’s ministry Sunday morning and all Wednesday children ministries will also be instituting the required precautions. We will work with parents/guardians on any specific requests or concerns they have regarding their children wearing masks in Life Kids. (Some parents may default that their children won’t keep them on or some kids have anxiety and therefore not even bring them to Life Kids but we will handle this in a fun, sensitive and reassuring way with the kids and parents). We have ordered child size masks so if parents don’t have one for their child, we will provide them! Ideally it would be great if parents can write their child’s name on their mask. We encourage parents to contact a Life Kids leader with any questions they have. Our desire is to come alongside them and partner on this.

Todd Broyles

Seth Dagoberg

David Fournier

Troy Johnson

Matt McGuire

Doug Newby

Ken Rostad

Tom Stuart

Norm Thomsen

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