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June Elder's Update

June 2021 Elder Congregational Update

It was one year ago that this board of elders was installed through the congregation’s vote.

We rejoice in seeing God’s Spirit at work here at Life Church. Since our last official elder update in December (six months ago now - our apologies for this oversight), the Lord has been busy. Here are some highlights that are worthy of documentation.

Our first “Annual Meeting” occurred on Wednesday, January 6th. At this meeting, Pastor Tom Stuart passed the Interim Senior Pastor baton to Pastor Kevin McClure. Pastor Kevin served from January through March and passed the senior Pastor baton to Pastor Roger Sodsod. Pastor Roger Sodsod was recommended for hire through the efforts of the Nomination and Vetting Ministry Team. The Elders approved, and the Congregational vote occurred on February 7. Pastor Roger began his full-time Life Church Pastoral Ministry on Monday, March 29th. Pastor Roger has been committed to building relationships with the elders, pastoral staff, and members of the congregation.

The formal installation of Pastor Roger is scheduled for July 18th, 2021. The Apostolic Oversight Team will lead this ceremony. The elders are encouraged by the work of each of the standing ministry teams. Currently, the elders are reviewing the Life Church Employee Handbook prepared by the Human Resource and Personnel Team. We are also in prayer and discussion about a full-time Worship and Tech Pastor.

Life Church elders can be contacted by emailing A copy of the meeting minutes from each approved elders meeting are available upon request by reaching out to the church office via phone at 218-739-3886 or email

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