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June 2022 Elders Update

It is the desire of the elders to communicate to and hear from you. While monthly meeting minutes have been available it has been almost a year since a formal written elder update. It was decided that it is important to post monthly updates and beginning in July these updates will be posted the first week of each month. Elder meetings are not complete closed-door sessions, and the body is encouraged to attend meetings if you would like to. Meetings can contain sensitive and private topics and when those are discussed guests will be asked to step out of the room and we will close the door until that conversation is concluded. Meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month and begin at 6:30 pm.

At the annual business meeting earlier this year Seth Dagoberg and John Blume were elected to the office of elder. Seth is a returning elder and John is a new appointee replacing outgoing elder Troy Johnson. Beginning with the vote this year all elder elections are a four-year term in accordance with the by-laws. During the meeting a congregational vote passed that standardized all ministry team terms from a four-year term to a two-year term. Additionally, In the annual meeting it was shared that the elder board, in accordance with the recommendations suggested by Eric Hulstrand, is looking into the topic of women as elders over the next six months. This has included the elder’s reading material from both sides of the issue and meeting monthly to discuss. On Sunday May 22nd a church discussion occurred where the elders were able to hear anyone’s thoughts and opinions on the topic. It was a wonderful night of hearing the heart of this body and we are grateful for all who took the time to attend and participate in this discussion. As we continue to read, discuss, and seek the Lord in this area over the next two months we invite you to continue the conversation with us. A list of the books that the elders are reading are list below. Please reach out to the elders in person or via email at with any questions or comments.

The beautiful building that God has blessed us with will need continually maintenance and updating. In the recent months the elders have approved updates to the youth room and audio/visual upgrades to the sanctuary and gathering space. The youth room will be completed soon, and the sanctuary upgrades will be completed over the next few months.

Life Church elders can be contacted by emailing A copy of the meeting minutes from each approved elders meeting are available upon request by reaching out to the church office via phone at 218-739-3886 or email

Comparative study: Two Views on Women in Ministry by Craig Blomberg, James R. Beck (Editor) Link:

Complementarian perspective: Women in the Church: An Interpretation and Application of 1 Timothy 2:9-13 edited by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Thomas R. Schreiner Link:

Egalitarian perspective: Paul and Gender: Reclaiming the Apostle’s Vision for Men and Women in Christ by Cynthia Long Westfall Link:

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