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September Elders Updated

September Elder Congregational Update

After establishing the core values for Life Church it was decided that there should be teaching in those areas to help bring unity and provide opportunities of growth for the entire Life Church body. Pastor Tom began a sermon series about these values and it was agreed that a church wide study on the Holy Spirit was important. Kevin McClure is being brought in to kick off the series due to his connection to Life Church and his teaching experience in this area. Small groups will be held that will discuss questions from each weeks sermon, and offer a chance for groups to experience and develop their gifts.

Based on the recommendation from the NVMT, and time spent in prayer, an offer was extended to Mason Rozean to become the Youth/Young Adult Pastor. Mason accepted the offer and already begin serving the body.

As church staff has begun to settle into their offices is became clear that furniture would be

needed and a motion carried to provide funds for both Pastors Amber, Trevor, and Mason to

purchase furniture for their offices.

As we prepare to begin a senior pastor search the by-laws require and Apostolic Oversight

Team to be established. This process is underway and a number of men have already been

approached to request their prayerful consideration to joining that team. Life Church elders can be contacted by emailing A copy of the meeting minutes from each approved elders meeting are available upon request by reaching out to the church office via phone at 218-739-3886 or email

A copy of the full finances of Life Church are available upon request by reaching out to the

church office via phone at 218-739-3886 or email

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