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Nomination Vetting Ministry Team vote results and runoff election

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Dear Life Church Members, Thanks to all of you who voted yesterday on the two resolutions and in the election of the Nomination Vetting Ministry Team. Of a 196 total voting members, 157 participated in the vote. (142 members participated in the bylaws vote on February 23.) Both resolutions passed with the required two-thirds majority: Resolution #1: Resolution to Permit Transition Team to Grant Life Church Membership Prior to the Establishment of Elders – Yes = 134 No = 23 Resolution #2: Resolution to Select Three Temporary Nomination Vetting Team Members to fill Elder Positions – Yes = 133 No = 24 Nomination Vetting Ministry Team Below are the election results. The 3 Women elected to a two year term on the team are Nicole Rostad, Sarah Johnson,and Amber Gerstmann. In the Men’s election Derk Maggert and Mike Robertson were elected but there was a tie for the third position between John Blume and Lance Nord. This requires a runoff election which we are scheduling for today (Thursday). Also, since we require 3 men to serve temporarily on this vetting team until the Elder Election (see Resolution 2 above) the next 3 placers in the men’s election are to fill these positions. The person who finishes second in the Blume/Nordrunoff will then serve as a temporary member along with Chris Elliot who had the 5th most votes and the winner of a runoff election to break the tie for 6th between Wade Miller and Doug Webster.

Women Nicole Rostad - 79 Sarah Johnson - 77 Amber Gerstmann - 65 Hope Dagoberg - 61 Angela Nord – 47 Mary Robertson - 45 Patsy Douglas - 42 Ashley Miller - 28 Niki Broyles - 27 Men 1. Derk Maggert - 58 2. Mike Robertson - 56 T3. John Blume - 55 T3. Lance Nord - 55 5. Chris Elliott - 51 T6. Wade Miller - 49 T6. Doug Webster - 49 Corey Doran - 39 Chris Norman - 36 Tim Brandriet - 23

These runoff elections to resolve these two ties will take place today, Thursday, March 26 between 10 am and 7 pm. An email with a voting link is being sent out this morning and we will also provide onsite voting at the church office. For more information call the church office (218) 739-3886 or email

Thank you to all the nominees listed above who were willing to serve on this team, go through this election process, and for your many other contributions to our body.

And once again, thanks to all our church members for your votes and prayers in this important process.

The Transition Team

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